Massage Business 101: The Simple Yet Important Equation of How To Set Price.

I remember when I when I was thinking about entering the work force as a massage therapist, I thought if I could charge $75 an hour my life would be great. I started at a Chiropractic office & was getting paid around $12 an hour working 36 hrs a week for the better part of 9 months. It was a far cry from $75, but hey I was working. It took me about 8 years before I reached my “golden ticket” of $75 & let me tell you life wasn’t so grand.

It took me quite a while to build up both my confidence & a clientele base that would pay me $75 an hour. There were many lessons learned along the way. If I could grab Doc Brown & jump in the Delorean here is what I would tell myself about setting my price.

Setting the price for services should be the equation of expenses + location + experience

While this is a seemingly simple equation, it is actually pretty tricky. In each part of the equation many massage therapists either over look or let pass by.

If I was to give a piece of advice to my younger self & all MTs, it would be to hire both a CPA & a finacial finacial planner. Their job is to help us manage, protect & build our practice.

Again I’m writing this to my younger self; I know he didn’t hire a CPA & I know many of you reading this won’t either. Here is a breakdown of the equation & why each part is important.

Expenses: There are some obvious things here like rent, liability insurance, taxes, & health care, but so often things like a CPA, retirement, continuing education are overlooked. For a larger list of expenses check out this post on cost & expenses.

Location: Is your market a viable location for your practice? Is there enough disposable income to support it? Do you live in a dense enough population where being 1 of 10, 20 or 50 MTs in a 20 mile radius doesn’t matter? I dig into this topic deeper in this post on How To Choose A Location.

Experience: In most other fields advanced or journeyman practitioners are paid more than beginners. In our profession often times this doesn’t seem to be the case. I can tell you my work is 100x better after 16 years in the field than it was when I started. I have experience that can only be learned. The longer you are in practice the higher your fee for sessions should be.

Don’t set your prices at the industry standard/arbitrary number. Set them based on an understanding of what it will take to build & sustain your career. This could save you your practice & many sleepless nights.

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