Massage Marketing & Coaching: Why Screening Your Clients Is Important

Hello All!

Screening clients is a really important part of our practice that often gets overlooked. It should be our goal to fill our schedule with clients who value our work & we love to work with.

When a practitioner is first starting their business they will take anyone who can write a check, swipe a card or pay 💰💰💰 in order to keep the lights on & put food on the table. I know when I first started my practice I sure in the hell would take anyone.

What I started to realize though was I needed to be a little more picky about who I allowed to get on my table. I started to look at my time as a commodity that was very valuable.

I generally like to work 20hrs max a week & usually take 14–21 days off through the year including holidays. When you do the math of 20hrs x 50 weeks = 1000 billable hours.

That’s not a lot of time & having a schedule full of clients who don’t value my work & I don’t enjoy working is the quick road to burnout. I’ve made it 16 years & my goal is to work until my body says ‘no more’ or I lose interest in the work.

It is my opinion the type of clients I allow to get on my table will dramatically impact my longevity & passion for my work.

I’ve been to that place where I was miserable with my work. I was not doing work that I was passionate about, allowed clients to get on my table who didn’t value my work & not sure where my career was going.

My career changed the minute I decided to take responsibility for who I allowed to get on my table. The more specific I have gotten with the screening of my clients the more fun I have in my practice.

Here is a short video I made for my Instagram account about how I screen my clients. Take the info & adapt it to fit your practice.

Practice Makes Improvement 👍

Shawn Kitzman has been practicing Movement Therapies since 1992. He began his Massage Practice in 2000 and is currently working on a book focused on helping Massage Therapists get out of their rut and put the Passion back into their practice. When he is not spending time with his family, getting thrown in Jiu Jitsu, providing solutions for injured athletes in his practice he can be reached at

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