Hello, I am brand spanking new at trying to own my own business, I plan on calling Listening Hands…
Rayhven Smith

Rayhven Smith- There are a lot of factors.

  • How long has the
  • What is the going rate in the area? I think it’s better to be at or a little higher than the average. You can always drop your price if the market doesn’t bite. Going up is tough in the beginning.
  • As I mention in the post, where you are located is super important. The higher the disposable income the better the market accepts your rate.
  • Also it is not my practice to discount my rates. I don’t have packages or specials ever. Work very hard to find people who love your work & price won’t be a difficult issue.

If you have any more questions you can email me @ shawnsynergymt@gmail.com. I coach MTs to help them to find clients who love their work so they can create a practice that is sustainable.

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