Where Does Ego Belong?
Eric Hultgren

And let’s not forget Golden Tate’s somersault into the end zone after a pretty amazing YAC. The football gods caught up with him, too. You show up a defense like that, they’re definitely going to come at you a little bit harder.

And while I generally prefer the Barry Sanders approach (he usually just set the ball down in the end zone, although he did spike it one time “just to see what it felt like”), but I don’t mind those either player’s actions. Sure, it’s showboating a little bit, but they’re playing a game, I like to see them having fun.

I agree that there are consequences to being a me-guy versus a team-guy, but Agnew’s gaffe had nothing to do with his wave into the end zone. He just muffed a punt, probably feeling the pressure to make something happen again. When you’ve been living and dying with the Lions for fortysome years, you just learn that these things happen.

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