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Gail Boenning

I think I read another one of his books, but frankly, his books are a little schmaltzy for me. When I met him, he was one of a bunch of authors doing a benefit concert in Denver, but I knew who he was because I was from Michigan and he had been the lead sportswriter for the Detroit Free Press forever! So we really did talk a lot of sports.

It was a benefit event that I had donated a lot of design work for and there was a cocktail hour for VIPs beforehand which I was invited to. I did get a chance to meet and say thank you to Stephen King, who was really very kind. And I stood around and listened to Dave Barry tell funny stories about the other authors there (Amy Tan, Scott Turow, a few others I can’t recall at the moment).

But there stood Mitch Albom and his wife, nobody around, nobody hounding them for autographs or pictures or anything. And I had just re-read Tuesdays a week or two before, so I figured, what the hell? And went up to say thanks for all of the great years of Detroit sports writing and for Tuesdays. Mitch has always been one of my writing idols, even before his novels, because he has consistently put out great pieces of writing week after week after week. For something like forty years. It’s ridiculous. So I was really happy to get a chance to thank him.

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