The One Habit Every Writer Needs. Right now.
Shaunta Grimes

Like everybody, I have a schedule that seems to want to always keep me from writing. There’s always a deadline for work or a dog that needs walking or dishes to be done, etc. It was bothering me that I wasn’t writing much at all and I set a pretty modest writing goal and just forced myself to try to write do it every day. As the days passed and I reinforced the habit, I bumped the goal up a bit and these days I write 750 words a day. I’m not quite at 100% (I miss maybe one or two days each month), but on the days I don’t manage to get to it, you can bet that it’s the first thing I do the next day.

Plus, now that I’ve started writing on Medium (and elsewhere), I’m actually writing a lot more than just 750 words a day. Starting with a modest goal and building up was the key for me. Solid advice. I enjoyed your piece. Thanks for sharing.

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