Time Doesn’t Care


Unbelievably, we have somehow come to the end of February. I mean, yeah, there’s still one day left, but that’s 1/6th of the year done and gone. Time flies. Life happens. And it just keeps happening, no matter what you do in between.

Use your days for good, use them for ill or just let them pass and do nothing. Time doesn’t care.

The thing I’m focused on at the moment is that we are two months into the new year and I haven’t made significant progress on a couple of projects that I have previously identified as VERY IMPORTANT. So I have to ask myself two questions— are these projects really as important as I think they are? If so, why in the hell haven’t I made any real progress on them?

These aren’t things that my career hinges upon, but one of them could grow to become a significant part of my business. And because it is more of a pet project, even if it doesn’t become a financial winner, the creative outlet will be really beneficial.

So now I’m sitting here, thinking about what I actually have accomplished in the past two months. I’ve been changing up my business a bit and things are starting to happen there. I can see that some of the work I’m putting in is starting to pay off. That’s really exciting, but I also want to be very careful about not getting complacent. So I have used (at least some of) my time wisely, but still…these projects that I keep putting off are dragging on me.

When I went over my TO DO list this morning, it is a pretty friendly day. I have a couple of things I need to do, but no huge deadlines. I’ve got a lunch meeting which could lead to a lot of work over the next couple of months and a certain amount of monthly income for the rest of the year.

So before my meeting, I’ll take care of the work that needs to be done today, then head to lunch. After lunch, I’m going to devote the rest of my day to these two projects. After all, it is still February, so if I can make any real progress this afternoon, I can at least look in the mirror and say that I didn’t waste the first two months of the year. Sure, I’m playing a bit of a silly semantic game there, but I don’t want to just write February off. I already did that with January. (And December. And November. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)

So there’s my goal for February 28th — get one of my blogs up and running and get at least one t-shirt for sale on a site or two. If I really get into a rhythm, I can do so much more than just these two things, but it’s these two simple things that will make all of the difference and help get me over the hurdle that I’ve created with regard to these projects. To start building momentum and get these projects moving would be wonderful.