I Smiled During Spin Class Today :)

Source: www.marcandmandy.com

Today was the 3rd time I went spinning in my entire life. It is a great workout, but I just hate it. I have always been a runner and someone who lifts weights, not someone who bikes. I would rather run up a hill 10 times before I bike up it once. But, my girlfriend got us a free class at Flywheel this morning, so I thought what the hell!

About 3 minutes in the workout, the instructor started counting down until the sprint was over ‘Almost done, PUSH IT! 3, 2, 1, DONE!’. Right at that moment, I had a big smile on my face and laughed because myself and everyone around me worked extra hard for those last 3 seconds because they knew it was almost over. He continued to do this throughout the entire workout and you could just see the motivation in people every time the instructor started counting down.

Then, the best part came. He threw up a 45 second countdown on the TV and said ‘All out for 45 seconds, GO!’. I pushed and pushed and as every second passed, the countdown timer got closer to zero. I kept telling myself ‘Almost at zero just keep pushing harder’. The instructor obviously knew what he was doing by using the countdown method to motivate people to work hard and push even more. People don’t realize how powerful countdowns can be…

Now, why did I really smile? I just released a to do list app called Vista List. In Vista List, you can assign individual countdowns to your tasks so when you look at your to do list, you know exactly how much time is left to complete that task. Seeing how much everyone pushed when the instructor was counting down is exactly the feeling people should get when their tasks are about due. Creating a sense of urgency and motivating yourself to ‘beat the clock’ is the core concept on which Vista List was founded on.

If you were wondering, I finished the workout dripping sweat but feeling great after. Not only because I got a great workout in, but because I saw countdowns in action and how much value it can bring to an individual.

Want to learn more about Vista List? Visit the website, or view it on the Apple App Store.