Are you planning an event soon? Maybe it is a birthday party, a bachelor party, or just a night out with friends. Whatever you are trying to plan, there are multiple things that need to get done and on time to have a successful event. What if you needed to go to the store by 8PM to get candles for the birthday cake, but forgot? Well, then your best friend doesn’t have candles to blow out and you will have to find a way to make it up to him or her.

Instead of using a traditional to do list app or manager that shows your due dates and times, what if you used a to do list app that used countdowns to show you exactly how much time was left instead? Think of this: Your friends birthday party is November 11th. Seems really far out right? But as this blog post is being written, that is only 3 Weeks, 4 Days and 1 Hour. Still seems far right? But if you were to look at it on your Todo List app where it just shows you the date, I am sure it would look even farther away. Then 2 weeks before, November 11th still looks far away. But, if you use Vista List, you will know there is exactly 2 weeks before the birthday party and you still have 10 things to get done. Panic mode starts to set in…

Let’s do an exercise. Today as I write this, it is October 5th, 2016 at 8PM. We are going to say your friend’s birthday is Friday, November 11th at 9PM. Now put that on your to do list and think to yourself how far away is that really? It takes too much time and effort and it seems far enough away. Now, put this event in Vista List. You choose the date and time the event is at and Vista List will tell you your friends birthday is in 3 Weeks, 4 Days and 1 Hour. In a week, your normal Todo list will tell you their birthday is still November 11th but Vista List tells you there is only 2 Weeks, 4 Days and 1 Hour until the big event.


Ok, you are the host of this event. So you need to do the following things in order to prepare:
 1. Reserve a Venue
 2. Create a Facebook Event and invite all friends / family
 3. Get Birthday cake
 4. Get gift for friend
 5. Pick up decorations for venue

In Vista List, these can simply be added to the ‘Project’ Friend’s Birthday Party which is under the Group: Events. You can add a due date to these tasks or choose not to, Vista List gives you the option. Let’s say we want to book the venue by October 7th, Invite friends by October 25th, order the cake by November 8th, and get their gift November 9th. All you need to do in Vista List is set the date and time then Vista List will do all the work and create the countdowns for you. Set it and don’t worry. Is time coming close? Simply select the ‘Quick Add Time’

Vista List Quick Add Time Icon

and add the appropriate amount of time.


There are multiple things to do for each of these items, so we want to add some sub-tasks. To keep this post short, we will just add a few for the first. Under Reserve a venue we will add one as shown below.


Ok, done! To make it even easier, you can add reminders to make sure you complete them on time. Vista List let’s you set reminders a minute before it is due all the way till a minute after you created the item. Vista List will remind you just like any other app to make sure you get it done.

Now, just check back on Vista List a couple times a day and over time you will see your countdowns get closer and closer to 0 creating the sense of urgency to get things done. Gone are the days of looking at your to do list and wondering how many days are until November 11th. Countdown ‘till Done with Vista List.

Vista List is available now on the Apple App Store. Follow the link to download and start making events better!

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