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As long as none of MY three Members of Congress (MoC), three old, multimillionaire, white, career MoC ever have to use our nation’s National Healthcare system for the poor, they will each vote for whatever reality TV star President Trump tells them to vote for.

That is what each of them have told me in the form letters, and email responses they have sent to me, in response to the concerns I voiced to them, so far.

Each of their net worths have risen each year, so they continue to do as they’re told, I suppose. All I know for sure is that neither my wife, nor I, nor anyone in my family have ever voted for any of these people, including President Trump, and I know that they do not represent my best interests.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, all I can do is to resist, until I die of old age (knock on wood). I do hope that Morality and the minimum of human decency can one day triumph over our American system of, whoever-has-the-most-money-wins, some time, soon.

Otherwise, only the President and MoC will be covered by National Healthcare, while the other 99% of Americans can “eat cake” and die.

— in NC, in my district, my Members of Congress are (all R) Senators Burr, & Tillis, and Representative Foxx