I camped out with a tech billionaire. The advice he gave me was priceless.
Adam Naor

First, I think that helping kids and families to become financially literate is a great idea, too long coming. My wife has often told me about the time she bought a washer and dryer with a promotional store credit card (no money down, etc). She sat down and figured out on a piece of paper with a pen, that making the minimum payments, she would pay for twenty years or so, and end up paying a thousand dollars for a 300 dollar purchase, and at age 30, she understood compound interest and wondered what the F*CK they’d been teaching her in elementary school, high school, and why her father had never bothered to sit down with her and explain this thing you call, “Money”.

And second, I admire all of the insights your friend shared. The example photographs of historical figures and quotes from them proof the worth of these ideas.

Right now, there is a market for people who want to use the Internet to communicate with friends and family, yet do not want to become part of the Black Mirror, I will call it, to borrow a title, and to hyperbolize in order to show how very evil many people believe Orwell’s 1984 world to be, now it is here. I also read an article here this week that told me how to download Opera browser, enable adblocker, download HTTPS-EVERWHERE from eff.org, and in 10 minutes or so, to make myself slightly less tracked from birth until death. I don’t believe that really accomplished everything that this new market wants to do.

How can we please that market? Thank you for your article. Very nice, indeed.

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