I correct you on massive holes in your education on substance and lies you tell, if the best you…
Louis Weeks

Ha ha! Good one.

Nah, I don’t really give a shit about grammar, actually. You just sound like such a prick, talking down to everyone “I have to teach you liberals 5th grade Civics”, etc. Who you are, Stephen Hawking? We’re all of us 99% the same, with some small differences.

One is that I would not vote for a misogynist, racist, xenophobe, and it sounds like you would, though you did not explicitly state that.

Other than that, we both want our children to live in a better world than we did, or equally as good, at least. I do not see how Trump is going to help with that, via…already stated above, plus every economist on earth agrees that Reagan’s trickle down economics does nothing for anyone except the 1% richest who already don’t even have to pay taxes if they don’t want to.

In my school, we actually were descriptionists, rather than prescriptive-grammar, interested in the way that languages work to facilitate communication between human beings rather than saying “you should use Whom in the objective case”, so I was just f*cking around with your typo. Like I said, the tone of your comment invited nitpicking at anything, since you called every other commenter stupid, when I think that every single thing the president says and does is going to be more important to American citizens than this idiot whose never played any sports idea of “locker room talk”. Even if capital T and Putin just talk pussy-grabbing in a Finnish sauna, it will still be harmful to the American public, eroding as it does the image of our country in the eyes of other nations.

That is important. As Germany’s Merkel said last week, I look forward to working with the next American President, as I have with you, President Obama. If he agrees with the rule of law, and that all people have equal rights, etc. Kind of silly to put conditions on working with a world leading member of NATO. But it is not clear, based on Mr. Trump’s words, and actions, up until this day that he even knows what those things are. That is going to be a big problem for the United States.

Good luck. I hope we’re all still here to argue, in 2020, and that you have a chance to stay in Trump, Washington, DC Hotel.


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