Has Trump taken hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign governments as “GIFTS” to their…
Louis Weeks

Hotels, plural

Hotel’s = possession, as in you’re staying in the hotel’s ass.

Just correcting your grammar, because you are such an almighty pain in the ass, who “has to educate liberals about…” blah blah blah blah. What are you, in third grade?

I’m against parents letting 3rd graders post stupid shit on the internet.

If you think there’s no problem with Trump forcing all foreign dignitaries to stay in his hotel, with bad wine, Trump University grads unfit to work there because “Trump University” is in their resumes, and towels, soaps, shampoos all with giant Ts on them, that are all made in other countries (to make America great”, then you probably will vote for a racist pussy-grabber, again, in the future, if another person this heinous runs.

Read the reviews of his hotel. It makes America look bad when they stay here, and our president looks like Vladimir Putin for requiring visitors to stay there.

He was only elected to from up business for him. If you’re not even a millionaire, why are you convinced the née presidents plans are helping you? (At least you know you get a tax cut if you’re a millionaire.

Trump doesn’t need the money, you said? No American voters have seen his tax returns, setting a new precedent in a presidential election. Trump may be flat-ass broke. You know he’s filed bankruptcy before, right?