Sean Spicer praises Hitler for his restraint, falsely claims he never gassed his own people
Aaron Rupar

However, if I may critique this essay slightly, Sean Spicer is too easy a target to spend half-a-newsday covering his variety of attempts to say, “no I did not say ‘Heil Hitler’ in the speech to praise the President, and deride Assad!”

Spicer is a f’k’n idiot, we all agree; he says so, himself, at every presser. Let’s just move on.

The actions of WH Press Secretary must be covered, sure, but every word-change in his new apology Tweet getting its own story is too much coverage. Sum it up succinctly at the end of the day:

Spicer spent today unsuccessfully trying not to sound like Sean Spicer every time he tweets a non-apology for comparing Hitler favorably with Assad, during WH press conference.

I’m with you all the way, A. Rupar; I’ve just worn out my own brain, thinking about Sean Spicer looking like a rude, ignorant Trump toady, since January with each of his annoying press conferences. I want him to go away, like the Holocaust Museum calling for his immediate firing. But to Trump, that’s an automatic promotion if a human rights group, or environmental group, a Black Lives Matter supporter, anyone for National Healthcare, or a voice for any vulnerable group of Americans (like the poor, for example) calls for your immediate dismissal. Trump Translation machine says: Job Well Done, my good man!

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