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I admit that anyone who runs for President of the United States ought to know — especially a 70 year old man (maybe not 39 year old French head of state Macron) — that his every word will be recorded for history, but the constant attention to Trump’s every imprecise, off-the-cuff, often ridiculous sounding, later proven false Tweet has proven too much for him.

If he has a true friend in the world, say if it were me — I’d slap him when we were alone slugging a refreshing sparkling water together, and I’d take away his phone. I would quickly delete his Twitter account and have a new personal assistant, someone I choose at random who is very young, tech savvy and responsible…a grad student who is on the debate team at Harvard or wherever Trump went (Wharton, maybe; few corroborating details here?). I would put this person in charge of Trump’s phone. I know it’s a big deal, national security wise, so the man or woman (I think I would prefer a brown-skinned person, not to be racist, only sensitive to race, class, and gender since President Trump’s history in such areas is appalling thus far.) Any time Trump wants to Tweet, he has to summon the person, so maybe there must be two or four, as back-ups, since the Trumper sometimes snaps awake at 3 am to blow up the Internet with mad, Henry VIII style electronic ravings, and no one should serve 24 hour shifts.

So we’d have two to four young grad assistants intern with the President, good for their resumes; it’s a win/win situation.

Unfortunately, you may as well impeach Trump as ask him to allow someone else to be in charge of his mouth, or Twitter-fingers. These have minds of their own and don’t even seem to listen to him. Certainly there do not seem to be thoughts of consequences of his words; even when the Tweet is going to hurt HIM by further obfuscating already confusing, ambiguous sequences of events, he does it anyway.

I just hope that he is done soon.