…and it’s not as if they can’t take the job and not torture the children in their care.
Jenna Trull

I agree with you, Criminal Scum are easy to hate, until you find out your mother, brother, or neighbor has done time (75% of our 2 million prisoners get released and blend back in with actual humans).

I can tell from your comment that you also recognize humanity in convicts. Every male in my family has done time, because every person we knew used drugs, in the sixties. I can’t understand when people talk as though that criminal element belong to another species, so we should torture them and keep in as cruel an environment as possible, and REALLY piss them off before the get out and become our neighbors.

Other countries, like Finland, Canada, the Netherlands give convicts a nice cage, and tools to use for societal reentry, like job skills, interview practice.

Plus, people in society there see convicts as “a man or woman who has made a mistake, and paid the price of punishment, locked away from loved ones for some years, and they can safely be welcomed back into the world. We don’t have that here, so much.

My wife and I, both with good-paying jobs, me with a felony…oh, over 25 years ago now — I’m in my 50s. We were denied housing at an apartment building because I answered that question! Where do “they” want me to live? What about my wife and daughter? They were not drug-users, ever, and have no criminal records, not even traffic!

Oft-times guards are similar to convicts — little kids who get abused a lot, and think, when I grow up, NOBODY will mess with me! I’m gonna have a gun, and be tough, and lift weights, and especially the criminals take it a little far in this part, and “I’ll do whatever I want!” which doesn’t work well unless you’re Tony Soprano, Donald Trump (“you’re famous, they let you do what you want”), or a vampire.

Stay away from crime and drugs!


Scared Straight. :-) (for reals though, I wouldn’t walk out of a store without paying for a stick of gum if you paid me $100 during the last 25 years. I swear on my life I’ve given back more found wallets, helped more people change a tire on the side of a dark road at night, & given away more to charities than I ever stole when high on drugs, all that WHILE struggling to pay my taxes every year!) I don’t want a medal for acting right, don’t deserve one, but I am a safe babysitter (my daughter & others as reference), and neighbor — I should be allowed in your building if my wife and I can pay the rent, I humbly believe.

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