was this decision made before or after they incited — and then ignored — violence against Black, Japanese, Indigenous, Chinese, Mexican, Central American, Islander, Jewish, queer, disabled, trans, dark-skinned, and many more groups of people based solely on their identity, country of origin, or body?
Attack of the Misguided Nazis and Their White Feminist Enablers
Anthony James Williams

I am white. My wife and I marched in the Women’s March at D.C. Last Saturday, a week ago today, so we’ve been involved in several ongoing internet discussions, have contacted our Congressmen (two Republican Senators in our state), and I’m attending a postcard writing to representatives this week.

We didn’t vote for Trump. My wife is a white woman who did not vote for Trump, nor did my daughter & her husband vote for Trump (she and her husband marched in her city).

So although you are right that Americans have committed violence against all whom you listed, you’re painting with a broad brush, when you say all us white folk voted for Trump and then said, oh shit! what have we wrought upon our heads!? and marched, patted our own lilywhite asses, and went home, without hearing the people of color, LGBTQ, and members of other vulnerable communities speak out.

We will continue to march and contact our government officials to let them know it’s on them, in 2018 — no waiting four years only two before we vote again.

The majority already voted against racist, bigot Trump; now we will vote against those complicit in any harmful acts he passes through their hands.

We marched in the BLM in our town.

We don’t deserve your praise for marching. We’re members of White Supremacist America by birth. So you have a right to blame us for being white.

It’s more the people at Nazi and kkk marches that concern me, and the silent who sit at home polishing their rifles, cussing at the TV, that scare me, more than white people who acknowledge white privilege, and walk in MLK Day parades, and the Women’s March, that I am concerned about hurting others, either directly, or through silent complicity.

Call out your history. I’m still here listening. I believe we will all need to get along, in order to reconcile past and present American society with its white and male supremacy, with our future, going forward. That is the goal I am seeking. I want to create equal rights for women, for non-white people in all walks of life, and for all of the vulnerable communities in our society.

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