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I can empathize with the employee who decided to resign in a work environment I have no doubt was becoming adversarial. She has some cojones, figuratively speaking, or has invested her 401k very well and wants to retire. Just sayin’, those of us in our fifties who are not bank Vice Presidents often decide to kiss the CEOs ass rather than go job-hunting at age 57 (my age — I do not know hers in the article), starting over at a fraction of former compensation. It might be a large percentage, 80% maybe, but it’s starting over, usually after living off all of your savings for that year or two if hard fishing before settling on the prize catch.

My wife and I have been through all of this shit in the past ten years after one of us was later off and we lost our home in the great banking payday in 2009, & ‘010. Banks “bet it all” with stacks they couldn’t cover, then they just got their wagers back when they lost. We didn’t, one of us started over at 50% prior salary after medical, an accident, short term disability at work caused a performance management situation that was not achievable followed by a year’s salary pay-off.

I digressed like a motherfucker there didn’t I! Brings back old, painful memories.

Actually, I wrote to suggest this story be filed under all the bullshit that Trump and his mini me Spicer say about paid anarchists, paid protestors.

Shit, I’d have to be paid to disagree with Trump, wouldn’t I? To disagree with defunding Planned Parenthood where my daughter gets most of her gynecological services, disagree with American xenophobia, Islamophobia & the NRA? When more Americans kill other Americans each year with firearms than were killed in the 9–11 attacks. Disagree with cutting taxes for the rich, for whom I have seen no evidence have paid taxes, preferring to pay lawyers a 5 figure fee each year rather than pay their U.S. Taxes.

It is my opinion that History will judge America on how we treat our most vulnerable citizens, and we will receive an F for FAIL, so far.

Nobody has to pay my wife or I, to attend Women’s March on Washington, (other family marched in their college-campus cities, and in St . Louis, and in Los Angeles), or to call my MoC and ask them not to vote for Muslim Bans, or Trumpcare/loss of coverage for the poor and those with pre-existing conditions, or pay us to attend post card writing events at our local Democratic headquarters in our towns.

President Trump must be earning a million dollars per minute, as president, just with Jared K’s sister selling American Visas to rich Chinese people for the cost of a 500,000 dollar condo investment, recently, in Beijing, with lifesize Trump posters on the selling floor, and by doubling Mar-a-Lago membership to $200,000 in January ‘017, because membership now comes with selfies with the POTUS!

His impeachment will be a win/win for Trump, financially. But no, nobody has to be paid to protest against the Orange Buffoon.

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