I see you dodged me calling you out on your lie, lol. Typical.
Louis Weeks

I couldn’t remember what you “called me out” on, about lying. I went back to look; I think it was that Trump “forced” visiting dignitaries to stay in his hotel. In the interviews, no one said they were forced. They only said “why would I stay in the President of the United States’ competitor’s hotel?” and things of that nature.

It was like having Ivanka sit in on a state visit by Japanese, Abo, and getting security clearances for three of his children. Ivanka said, I have no interest in the politics, etc. But when you have your child who is in charge of your businesses sit in on a state visit, does it not tell the Japanese leaders who they will do business with to curry favor with the president? PLEASE! Surely, you cannot believe all of this horseshit.

I know we will never agree. My wife and I are white, and we marched with the Black Lives Matter march in our city in North Carolina (we’re not Southerners; we moved here from L.A. two years ago), in which protesters and police treated and spoke to each other respectfully, it seemed to me. I will attend as a male guest of my wife in Women’s March on Washington, in January. I will do everything that I can to help the disenfranchised, left behind by White Supremacy America to try and be treated equally, something that will be very important in the next four years, as it was in the last.

Foreign manufacturing jobs are not coming back to America. As rich as Trump, Congressmen, Big Pharma, the Koch Brothers, banks, oil, and the biggest polluter above even all forms of transportation, Big Ag become, none of that wealth is going to trickle down to you, sir. That is just a well-known, proven, taught in every Economics course fact.


So we disagree. I do not understand how anyone believes that the Trump empire is going to improve their lives. But I hope you do your part for the rule of law you believe in, during the next four years. Did you notice what happened when Georgia kicked out all the Mexicans in 2011? They lost a billion dollars a year while all the crops rotted on the vine because no American will work for minimum wage, from sunup to sundown, and have their wives and children help them in order to meet the quota to be able to buy food, if they are ill, or too old to produce. Please read about that. Unless we treat people equally, blacks, women, Mexicans and all immigrants, the true treasure of the United States, its diversity, will suffer. The community of the marginalized have suffered enough, just from 1776 until today — we need to fix that shit. Especially white males, for whom this country was designed to benefit most.

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