How come the old man didn’t get shot by police???
Larry OG Abrams

I know, right!? How in god’s name were the police able to arrest this dangerous, armed assailant? An armed man, barred from legal possession of a firearm due to his previous criminal actions — yet, miraculously! the police were able to apprehend the dangerous man! Without firing so many as even a dozen or two shots? It’s unheard of, is what it is. Police have reeeeeeally de-militarized compared to say, the last time they saw YOU, a black male. They’d have emptied out every goddamn clip in every gun in the vicinity if they’d have walked up and that was you standing over a dead body holding a gun, saying “another piece of trash off the street”.

White people are real easy to arrest, you see? Like fake-police wannabe George Zimmerman? Yeah, he was easy to arrest, too. Didn’t have to beat him to death, fire 41 shots, nothing, just a polite “excuse me sir, would you find it possible to fit into your busy schedule an appointment at the police station at your earliest convenience, or do you want us to contact your lawyer first and get back to you?”

I’m telling you, for the life of me, I cannot understand the difference in the level of difficulty that it takes, day after day, to arrest an armed white male, compared with an unarmed black male adult, or even black male CHILD.

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