A Letter Defending My Son, Lucifer Von ShitBrick
Ellie Guzman

I like your essay/fake letter, and although the subject is so serious that it disgusts an entire nation one would hope, I believe your tone perfectly illustrates our nation’s problem. It is not really funny, just satire. If there were a devil, his mother and father would love him and defend his evil actions, wouldn’t they? If not defend, perhaps then offer excuses — well, he likes to play with fire, but he’s not so bad once you get to know him!

I have read, repeatedly, that if you are human, and you have strong beliefs, then nothing anyone writes or posts on Facebook is going to convince you, for example that elected a Hitleresque leader like Donald Trump is a bad idea! Just like you probably cannot convince me that I was wrong to vote for Bernie, or that the liar AP journalist who hounded superdelegates over the telephone until he could “scoop” everyone and say “Hillary Clinched It” before anyone else should not be fired and never work again, in Journalism.

So I believe there are some men in America are pro-rape-culture. They do not think the problem is that they do not teach their sons that rape is wrong. Period. That it doesn’t matter if women go to college naked, and they look gorgeous, it would still be a crime to sexually assault them.

That is what I believe. Men are allowed to believe women are attractive. Men are not allowed to commit the crime of rape. Those who do so should be imprisoned, under all circumstances, no matter how much money and power their parents have.

Thank you for a great essay!