Opinion: Extreme Bernie Sanders Supporter’s Backlash When You Write the Truth
S. Novi

I only clapped once because I like your article, but I am unfamiliar with all of the extremist behavior you write about…probably because I do not write about Politics for a living.

My sister — for the first time in her 50 year life — called, mailed, and knocked on doors for the Bernie political run up to the primaries and beyond, after it became impossible for him to win in all but some miraculous scenario. She did still work toward that miraculous Bernie win, but she was also somewhat pragmatic, and she either voted HRC or wrote in the Bern’s name. She is not one of the people who say you are some kind of a moron for reporting on the behavior of all sides.

As with my wife and I, my daughter and son-in-law who work at universities, and all of their friends, we all abhor Our Dear Leader, Tweeter-in-Chief, his supreme dumbassness, world laughing stock, besides the very not-funny multiple sexual assaults have been accused, obvious “you can just grab their…” misogynist, racist president. My daughter’s generation are more demonstrative, with much crying and rending of hair after his election. I agree with them; it was a crying shame. I voted HRC as did almost every Democrat in my family. My sister may still have voted Bernie; I’ll have to ask her.

DT won through our Electoral College, fair and square as our opulent, slave-owning Founding Fathers intended. But the bottom line is, Bernie is too old! We have GOT to stop voting in all these retirees to govern us! My god, my (R) (bad luck, me) Members of Congress personal multimillion dollar fortunes increase each year they “serve”. Have you taken care of your grandmother, lately? Or, I’m old, even your father-in-law? Mandatory term limits, age 65 retirement like normal workers. Stop letting these Strom Thurmonds sleep in Congress until they die! This is by far the worst governmental problem. I enjoyed reading your article.

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