The US election as an existential threat to the world
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I understand your comparison between the two American presidential candidates, and the fear of the world at large over who is elected, but I strongly object to your categorizing the choice of “the lesser of two evils” as between Trump, favorite of the rich, and the racists, etc, and Hillary Clinton, “the liberal Feminist”.

Every candidate including optimal choice for all, Sanders, whom I and most everyone in my family voted for in the primaries, and who we’d vote for again even if he fucks up the whole election by running independent, needs to be a feminist.

You show your lack of understanding of the definition of the word — either that or your own extreme sexism — I don’t know you, Al Jazeera author — but I believe everyone on earth should be s feminist, as I am, that is, one who believes that the female of our species is also a human being rather than mere chattel (I shouldn’t have to say this in 2016, but I do), with the same respect as given to males, with the same basic human right to education, the right to equal pay, and the right not to be raped at age 12 by religious fanatics or pedophiles, and not to be raped at any age in fact, I believe women have equal value as men. That is a feminist, sir, author, one who believes in equality for every human being regardless of gender or any other type of gender identity.

Many in the world cannot run away from the violence that no doubt will be unleashed by either choice for American President, and I feel sickened by that. I think, at least, we, the citizens should be informed by freedom of information — and in our computer age, we should be kept abreast of the running tally of how many human beings EACH COUNTRY kills, each day, and every day since 9/11, and every day from since counting began. We need to know how many human beings are killed in our names, as Americans with zero power over who our government kills.

In the meantime, because every human being on earth has not evolved enough to be a feminist (read that how it sounds — I think only ignorance may explain the lack of human decency), women in EVERY country will be killed today with little consequence, will do the same job for less pay, some will be raped, some will be “married” in somebody’s idea of that word, the idea that raping a 12 year old child = “marriage”. Equality for women = feminism. There isn’t any other meaning of that word, so don’t spit it at someone like you’re calling them shit, as an epithet. List it among their positive attributes, as a qualification to serve in any public office on earth.

With respect for human beings on earth,

Mr. Shawn Schmid

US. Citizen

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