What Trump’s Misogyny Means for His Policies
Hanna Brooks Olsen

I’m glad someone is taking the time to think seriously about Mr. Trump and his possible actions while he holds any public office. I just can’t take it seriously enough to do that.

He’s so obviously a misogynist, I don’t try to listen to anything he says.

He’s an idiot. The bit about the baby — I hope that woman said, fuck you you prick & walked out, but apparently some people like it that he hates women, that he pays people to raise his children so he’ll never have to talk with them (god how I wish one of his children were gay, so we could watch him abide the LGBTQ community, too, before the election!

So we’re agreed, he’s racist, misogynistic, he won’t show his tax returns and he’s tried to build another giant penis-substitute Trump building in Moscow, but Putin knows how to play Trump like a fiddle. After Ttump’s President, THEN mane we can talk, Putin says; if you ho horseback riding with me with no shirt wearing, and drink one liter vodka in sauna with me, we talk about your building comrade Trump.

Trump: believe me — it’s gonna be great,!Putin, he’s great, we can get along fine. Just vote for me; if you don’t like me, like Pence, it’s the same!

If you vote for Trump, any of you — you don’t deserve a brain. You don’t know how to use it, and you’re a danger to yourself and other Americans.

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