Whiteness fears black creativity. Camilla Long’s ‘Moonlight’ review exposes that.

Long’s review means nothing. She’s an idiot.

Moonlight is a masterpiece that left me sitting in the theater, speechless, watching the credits run by, feeling grateful to have seen this movie that shows real people I know in my life, as human beings, not headlines about cartoon cutout characters.

If you believe Trayvon Martin is a real human being, and that Mr Zimmerman needs an AK shoved up his ass, you’ll love this movie like my wife and I did, like my daughter and her husband and her unborn baby daughter due in May did (because my 1st & only grandchild is already a feminist who believes in all human beings as equal, even all her uncles & grandpa who were all in prison for drugs).

Moonlight didn’t even show prison, and it’s the only movie/television show that really understands where drug addicts go for their piece of torture society has for them forevermore.

Moonlight is a masterpiece that I have been waiting all my life to see.

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