The Idea That Changed the World But America Never Learned
umair haque

More people voted against Tr*mp than voted for him — you know that, right?

I don’t know anyone who thinks like you described, Umair. Not in my family. We don’t hate you because your yacht is bigger than ours.

I think you would probably share your bread with me at dinner tonight if I were hungry. I know my family would share ours with you.

We do not know whether voting can help (especially since the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision ruled that corporations can give as many millions of dollars to our members of Congress (MoC) as they like) in this American Corporate Oligarchy. But we do vote.

We vote for Universal Healthcare for all, until one day America will become the last country on earth to offer common human decency of access to healthcare to its citizens. Free education through University or vocational school is also coming as we continue to vote.

I do not know who you are describing in this essay, but it is nobody whom I know, personally. My MoC now, (R) Virginia Foxx, a multimillionaire whose fortune has increased each of the years she’s “served” may think like that. But we are voting her stupid ass out in November! She gives me the Tr*mp-approved answer whenever I have asked how money for unlimited war helps me, instead of using that two trillion in pure debt money for National Healthcare. When I called to oppose Betsy DeVoss for Education Secretary, or when I sent a postcard, and sent emails to ask why tax cuts for billionaires could help America, and she has GOT TO GO.

DD Adams for Congress (D), NC.

I’m an Epicurean, like Lucretius. I live my brief life, doing the best I can. I treat others as I wish to be treated. I am certain that 100% of us will die, and I think death is like computer language, a 1 or a 0. Nobody knows what happens after you die, but a lot of people are selling the answer. I’m just not buying it because I’m not in the market.

You do the best you can, and I will do the same, and I wish you sincere good luck, young man! I am very fortunate! I love a dozen people, and they love me — that is success. That is what I wish for you.