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Non of our congressional leaders represent us, so they will keep lying to avoid holding a town meeting. Since the election of Trump, people like my wife and I, and our daughter & her husband — to illustrate it crosses generations, have written postcards, telephoned our Representatives and Senators, marched, in D.C. (Me & wife) and state capital (daughter & husband), and we are not going to stop, ever, while President Agent Orange is in office.

The representatives I called and sent cards to to address my concerns: I’m against banning immigrants, I’m pro-equal rights for women, pro Black Lives Matter (&I we marched with that group too, in our city), I’m against the confirmation of all of Trump’s cabinet picks, esp Betsy DeVos.

My reps are 3 old white millionaires. One: when you’re older than 65, retire from government because you no longer know what the fuck is going on around you — that’s why that old man in Orange Co. in L.A. id never coming out of his office again. He’s afraid the Goodyear Blimp reads Ice Cube’s a Pimp, and Snoop Dogg is driving over from Long Beach to blow some blunt smoke in his old face.

My government representatives wouldn’t know a poor person if they saw one in Walmart shopping. Which they would never do unless it was a planned campaign stop with enough security for the Senators to feel comfortable. People worth 8 million dollars like one of my Senators have staff who shop for them. They don’t wheel baskets down the bread aisle at Walmart, and the only people they represent are other millionaires.

Term limits, contribution limits, no more “person with most money wins”! How the fuck does that lead to you being represented by an old, white millionaire? And how is that working for you?

Trump won’t be with us long, his Top Secret tax returns will go to the highest bidder, when those release, it’s over, but we will need more change than that.

Lastly, we are just getting started, resisting demagogue Trump, the rich buffoon, and nobody is paying ANY of us. Trump, and Senators don’t get that — they ain’t doing SHIT without gettin paid!!! We do. Get used to it, bitches!