Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
Bernie Sanders

Our country was built upon putting government (business — same thing) above sovereign rights of Native American communities.

Should we stop that practice immediately! Of course we should!

What in our history, both recent and in the history of our nation from the 16th through the 20th Centuries, would lead an educated man to believe our nation would do something like that?

PS. I voted for you in the primary, and I am one of the majority of citizens who voted Hillary in the general election. I’m feeling strongly that the government has no intention of listening to my opinion about anything.

I also strongly favor term limits, I’m strongly against anyone over 70 years of age serving in the government, never mind our numerous Congressmen in their 80s!

But who am I? I’m not even a millionaire! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Joke’s on you if you pay any attention to me. President-elect Trump certainly never will unless we burn this motherfucker to the ground and start over.

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