Dear Ellie,
Pierre Ostiguy

Pierre, you make a good case for every American to recognize that there is no “other”, no violent criminal who does not have a mother who loves him.

But the reason that I liked Ellie’s essay, me and my germanic sounding last name is because America in 2016 is not a little rapey. This is such an epidemic in 2016, that if a rather violent-sounding full of rage satiric essay shines more light upon our society’s problem before you or I send our daughter to college, then I applaud it.

Please read Krakauer’s book, Missoula, Rape and the Justice System in a College Town, or watch the documentary The Hunting Ground! One out four college freshmen women, and one out of a hundred males will be sexually assaulted. There are facts and figures like, (I’m guessing these numbers, but they’re true to facts) # of assaults reported: 300, # of men expelled: 1, or 0 at Harvard, 1 at Stanford, etc. at the Ivy League schools.

That is right now, TODAY, in America. I wish you godspeed, sir, if you are about to send your daughter to American university. I’m not sure if I could have slept at night had I read the Krakauer book or watched the documentary before my daughter went, and I still talk to her about it, and ask her about it, because she still works at a university (even though her husband works at the same university). My daughter is very savvy; she is not a freshman; she doesn’t go to keggers and accept red plastic drink cups from strangers who then offer her a ride back to the dorm. She’s smart as fuck, and she’ll hurt your ass or her dog will, if she’s walking her dog at night. My family do not own firearms, except the hunters in the family, mostly older generation (& I’m not against hunting), but I sort of wish my daughter open carried a 9mm Glock to campus and back.

I support writing that shines a light on the really serious state of affairs in our justice system, and the way America re-rapes sexual assault victims through our justice and law enforcement agencies. I pray someday we may learn to stop institutional disrespect of our mothers, daughters, wives,and sisters.

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