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President Trump represents only the interests of white, xenophobic billionaires, but please do not forget in the 2018 midterm elections that each of us has one vote to cast.

Even though 3,00,000 more people voted against Trump than for him, the Electoral College designed by slave-owning founding fathers did its work, and Mr. Trump won, fair and square (although he was saying the election was rigged, if he lost).

Please let’s not let that happen again. I am already weary in my role of citizen of the laughing stock of the world. The richest country on earth that refuses to give its citizens National Healthcare, the country where whoever receives the most Insurance, Oil, Banking, and Military supply lobbying dollars wins.

A well-used FB quote with vague attribution, but I didn’t write it; I only believe what it says, so I use it here:

An American’s Anti-Trump Message to our Fellow Human Beings on Earth
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