McCain Gets Last Laugh, Tells Trump, “I Like Presidents Who Aren’t Assholes”
Allan Ishac

Press heart if this post made you laugh or cry — AI

Is this the AI that has finally jumped out of the lab after instantly creating a new language incomprehensible to humans with which to speak with other AIs, and take over earth? Just wondering.

This post made me cry because it was Satire, McCain didn’t actually say, I like Presidents who aren’t assholes, and I hope this vote makes your bone spurs rub together, and call Trump a motherfucker.

If old white people who should be retired, but hate spending time with their families so intensely that they choose to die at work, like those guys you know who never take a day off work because the company will fold without them (who are replaced with a younger man — happily — at half the salary when they die)? are going to argue and insult each other: don’t be pussies and see whose Harvard and Yale stinging debate team barbs are more literary! Just say “Fuck you, you orangehraded wig-wearing duncecap motherfucker! so the rest of us in America, your alleged constituents, know what you mean to say.

New title:

This is What Senator McCain Should Have Told President Trump