Because he did not resist arrest, fight with police when arrested or pull a gun on police.
John Wesley

Race is IN every story; you don’t have to inject it anywhere. Armed white males are arrested every day; no problem. You take a dozen of your friends with assault rifles and take over a government building, the police will politely ask you to leave, or wait until you leave and take your guns with you. Black people are not allowed to do that, and if you think they are, you do not live in the United States.

Now, a baby black child with a Mattel plastic gun, ON A PLAYGROUND — that is, a place, that was built, for children, to PLAY on, with toys, WAS KILLED FOR PLAYING WITH A TOY there! How the F*CK can you ignore race in all of these incidents? Tell me. I want to know how you ignore it. How many filthy lie stories do you tell yourself about how different black people are from you? How holy and righteous are you, compared to “other” people who are not like you?
LIES People are the same, 99%. There are some small difference between us — even you and I — who apparently think each other are idiots. I’ll bet you we both want

Food to eat, every day

Food and housing and healthcare for our children

Our children to have a better easier life than we have.

Hey, guess what? That is what those dead black males wanted. That is what Syrian refugees want. That is what Chinese people want. Everybody (except for the psychotic, easily-diagnosed-as-clinically-narcissistic Trump — I have no idea what the f*ck that dude wants except more money than he is able to count. But all the rest of human beings, that’s all they want. There is no “other” to be afraid of. You’re afraid of your own self, if you’re afraid of some nameless black criminal who can’t be taken alive.

You ever seen that popular Youtube video where a white man and a black man exercise their constitutional right to “open carry” a firearm? It is not the same for a black man and a white man, have you noticed that, yet? If not, I’m sorry, I would have to conclude that you, sir, are an idiot, if you have not noticed any difference between the interaction between the police and white males versus black males. Watch this: tell me “there is no difference”, and then I will apologize, because I’ve been thinking that there is a difference, and if I am wrong, then I owe you an apology.