So you admit you lied when you claimed Trump was “forcing” people to stay at his hotels?
Louis Weeks

Semantics; yours is a stupid point, whether the President-Elect “forced” foreign delegates to stay at his hotel, or he just said, PS the meeting will be held at Trump Hotel; I own that, by the way. So, I gather he did not send an armed SS Agent to another hotel to pick them up. The article did not say he didn’t do that, but may we assume that is the case, if would that be another “lie”, then?

I have a friend who is a black police officer who I discussed the local Black Lives Matter march with. He knows more about it than you do. I defer to his opinion, which is that BLM is an organization with a legitimate reason, and a legal right to protest. He does not think I am a cop-killer for participating. He is correct. Neither I, nor my wife, nor the old people to high school girls walking near us, chanting No Justice/no peace, no racist/police among many other chants have, nor will ever in the future kill a policeman. On the contrary, the event afforded opportunities for dialogue between groups who do not ordinarily hang out and chat together. It was good for all who were involved.

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