That is surprising to me. The poorest homes around my parts are Trump signs abound.
Dustin Briscoe

That is a good question. Hurricane Matthew just hit Cape Hatteras where I’d book our wedding anniversary weekend, so we fled uphill and vacationed in the hills, and viewed foliage along the scenic Cherohala Skyway that straddles and crosses over the NC border with Tennessee. Out there “in the wilderness” that includes the Cherokee, NC Casino, we saw ONLY Trump signs, never a Hillary sign, a confederate flag or two, but fewer Coexist bumper stickers that we are more like to use to let our freak flags fly here in North Carolina (where we moved from Los Angeles and are still getting used to the culture shock since 2014 move). Some of the people with Trump signs may well make in the 70s per year. But their trailers and little old cabins in the hills did not look particularly prosperous. I claim no knowledge of average incomes of anyone. I can think of about three people in my family who may vote Trump. One is old, does not make 70k a year, or barely half that, but was raised a bigot, in the 1940s & ’50s. One family is poor, they make that amount for a family of four, so they can barely pay the rent, the third is wealthy beyond any other relative so fits into your wealthy-Trump-voters scenario.

Signed, Hillary in 2016, White Ally Because Black Lives Matter

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