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The more information about Donald J. Trump that is revealed, the more that nose-sniffing, squinty-eyed narcissist is shown to be an evil person set upon his task of separating vulnerable people from their money, personal ethics be-damned.

Throw the bum out. Not lock him up, as political opponents in authoritarian regimes are incarcerated if they lose the election, just throw the bum out. He wants to lock up his opponent if she loses the election. That is reason enough to throw his stupid ass out of the election. “I’m running in an election. If you run against me and lose, I’m putting you in prison.” That’s not United States law.

Tr*mp is a crybully, as has been written, before. He is a bully — he shows that at every public appearance and in every interview or description of his character. But, god forbid, if someone stands up to his weak-ass bullying, then he cries, everybody is out to get me, it’s all lies, the media is against me, trust me, I can’t show you my tax returns, trust me, it’s really really great. Everybody is against me! My daddy only gave me one million dollars and I made billions and billions of dollars. [but haven’t many of your businesses failed? Isn’t Trump U a scam that is in court for fraud? Hasn’t your father actually given you closer to 100 million during his lifetime including buying 3.5 million dollars in casino chips then not using them before one of your casinos failed?]

Everybody is against me! Waaaaaaaa! Everyone who looks at the actual facts behind all of the lies I tell every time my lips move (unless they’re going straight in for the unwanted kiss), you’re all against me. Mommyyyyyy!

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