How appropriate that your name is mars, because you appear to be living on another planet.
Morgana Rae

There is just no limit to the tens of millions of taxpayer money, my money, your money, that the GOP has spent, in order to make a tragic military incident in Benghazi become the fault of the S.O.S. Secretary of State Clinton was, no doubt in my mind, surrounded by high-ranking military advisers every minute during the incident at the Libyan U.S. Embassy compound area. “If you’re playing the woman card, deal me in!” was a cool speech phrase, but is there any doubt about the American system of patriarchy? My wife works in “Corporate America”, and she can quote endless incidents in which, were a man to say something or do something, they’d call him pro-active, or aggressive, as a compliment; but when a woman says the same thing, she is seen as somehow inappropriate. Put a man, especially a Republican man as Secretary of State, in 2012, and he may have received some criticism about events over which he had no direct control, but I kind of doubt that there would have been numerous investigations about his handling of the incident.

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