How to Make $80,000 Per Month on the Apple App Store
Johnny Lin

To a non-coder barely computer literate 57 year old, this is truly appalling. Half of my relatives even three years older than I am, or more, already think that turning on a computer 1. is hard, and 2. puts one at high risk of identity theft. So reading about Apple’s App Store encouraging, rewarding, PAYing scammers to steal $99/month from old people or computer-unfamiliar people sickens me.

Luckily, I trust people like you to have my back. Young, smart, ethical people, “those damn youngsters these days”!

Ya’ll will make fuel from water, build new highway networks between CO (but you’ll be pretty stoned in CO), NV, and UT, with electric car chargers every fifty miles to eliminate distance anxiety, so we can all happily cruise along in our electric cars and motorcycles and RVs (probably electric cars pulling R-Pod Campers), stopping along the way for food-sharing, communal picnics between black, white, Native American, Muslim, Atheist, and Mormon Americans, after we have finished impeaching President Agent Orange for siding with President Putin over the NSA, FBI, and CIA in the election-hacking incident of 2016.

Thanks for continuing to look out for me! You RULE! Not as much as my daughter and her husband, and their six week old newborn daughter, Baby Wonderwoman, but I appreciate every one of you.

My wife and I are vegan, Democrats, white allies because BLM, and straight allies because LGBTQ lives matter who believe women’s rights are human rights, so we like to believe we’re part of the solution to NOT fucking your Planet up MORE as we leave it to you, but I admit it:

Mostly it is because you are smarter than us that will save the world. Your generation is less xenophobic…everything- phobic than previous generations. I atheist-pray you can find a way through to live well.

Thanks again for the tip: watch what you download on Apple’s Scamstore!

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