Is anyone else angry? Do you care that rich people want to take away your healthcare?
Heather Nann

Uhhh, YES.

I am so angry that the earth’s richest nation, where even our homeless may eat food once per day, cares less about its citizens’ health than any other nation.

This is the shame of my generation. That Germans have had National Healthcare since the 70s, like England, Canada, all EU countries, and Scandinavian countries do, now.

But with no one representing our interests among the United States Government, we have been judged to not deserve to be as healthy as other countries’ citizens. America is proud to not learn from healthier, or more successful nations — otherwise we would have Finland’s public schools, Portugal’s decriminalization of all drugs, with 10 years documented benefits and cost-savings to their country. But as Americans, we get: the biggest military spending, Healthcare for those who can afford to pay for it, and universal lifelong student loan debt to gift all of our children.

I am angry, and disgusted. I predict more self-immolation protests in the nation’s capital, like Buddhist monks’ protests in Saigon during the Vietnam War.