The reason for “sky high” incarceration rates for black males is “sky high” criminality.
Stuart Browning

What Mr. bland said.

Are you a young black male, Mr. Browning? If not, what gives you the delusion that you have any understanding of America’s mass incarceration system? Whites do drugs at a similar rate as blacks, but 60% of prisoners are black while they make up 13% of the population. Many black children’s only encounter with a white person is when white males in automobiles flag down black schoolchildren to ask where to score rock.

Your comment makes perfectly clear that you are:


Part of the problem rather than the solution

And ignorant of any fact concerning America’s institutionalized racism. If you want to discontinue sounding like a blatant asshole, start by reading about the work of The Innocence Project, mostly Law students who have so far proven over 350 prisoners’ releases by PROVING their innocence, mostly through DNA evidence.

Guilty until proven innocent. Do you have experience walking out your door each day within that class of human beings? If not, you should just listen to people teach you about that before commenting.

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