Serving With Honor
Katie Jacobs Stanton

What you have described is exactly my impression of President Obama and Mrs. Obama, people who serve the United States with dignity, honor, and compassion. I am only a citizen, but I felt proud to be American when we had President Obama as our leader.

Why is it that I cannot help myself from comparing that feeling with the feelings I had while watching Donald Trump’s press conference, yesterday, Thursday, January 12? Comparing the two images makes me feel sick about the next four years, if we have that long to live.

Installing only millionaires and billionaires into all of his staff posts and repealing the Affordable Care Act are only day one’s first measures. Then he proved he’s what some friends call a stamp collector. He remembers the time you didn’t send him a thank-you note, and doesn’t invite you to the next party, but smiles in your face, a passive-aggressive, petulant child.

The only thing that matters to our new narcissistic president is whether you like him, or not — or at least SAY or write positive words about him. I don’t think his intelligence or self-awareness runs deep enough to think or care about if you actually respect him, as a person, compared with just saying nice things so that he will take your questions at the next press conference. Appearance is all.

Appearance is all, while keeping everything else a secret. We will not be allowed to know how much money he makes, or how much taxes he pays — not even while he’s president! Which violates the constitution. So America’s foreign policy strategies and its domestic policy are tied to how much money it puts into Donald Trump’s pocket. That’s the way he wants it; that’s the way he has set it up, and if you don’t like it? You are not invited to the party, or the next press conference — that’s all there is to it!

Wait! How did I get here? Weren’t we just talking about serving the American people with grace and dignity?!

Oops, that was the last president! Never mind all that! Who said something bad about me? how do I look? and how much money are we making right now!? The new president prioritizes!

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