BEHOLD, we need education reform.
Elizabeth Michael

Yes, all true, fellow commenter, but I think Elizabeth was specifically mentioning the fact that Trump-ers are going on tirades in these comments, as though they are addressing Hillary, as though Hillary wrote the Hillary-parody, above. OMG, that is so scary, isn’t it? “Yeah, you bitch, me and my veteran buddies are not saying “heil Hillary”, we’re voting for Trump!” The Trump that says Mexicans are rapists, and all Muslims are banned from entering the country, two things that Hitler WOULD certainly agree with. Meanwhile, many of his “veteran buddies” are Mexicans, many are Muslims, children of immigrants who struggled to give their children a better life, one with food each and every day, in America. It’s sick, deluded people voting for a racist, misogynist, narcissist with no filter, who likes to act like a tough guy…and you want him to have nuclear weapons now, to impress Vladimir Putin so he can build a Trump-branded casino in Moscow.

But that makes the parody even MORE funny, doesn’t it??? It’s not funny that someone is voting for Trump — that is NOT funny to me, at all. But, it’s funny if someone thinks Hillary wrote “Please kill me” on that Ellen picture! It’s making me laugh again, right now! Omg, that was SO funny, “please kill me” because I have to dap on Ellen to get these votes, and she looks so uncomfortable, smiling. Poor 70 year old, being made to dance for my vote. :-(

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