Hank Green

Yes, I agree. I have written, and said the following words numerous times: “NEVER read comments on YouTube, or really The Internet, in general, for that way lies madness.”

Doesn’t matter if it’s a video by Hank (which I’ve not yet seen), or a news article about Brexit. Within a few comments it gets down to “”Hillary is a c*nt” , “Trump is a ret*rd like all his followers”, and of course, the ever present, “dude, you suck”.

It’s not even worth it to state your opinion online. Some ten year old boy with a computer has been waiting to try out the N- word, and your comment popped up, it’s your turn.

I make it sound as though there is no useful discourse online, because that’s how it often feels to me. But I do belong to several vetted groups, where if you’re not talking about Jeep Wranglers, or you’re telling someone “fuck you” you’re comment is deleted. And it may be: one warning, the second time you’re permanently banned.

The groups with rules work much better for a conversation that rises above elementary school name-calling contests.

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