“Anything that appears to give kids joy at a level that older people are no longer capable of…
Kristy Arbuckle Lommen

You should watch the Slingshot Channel’s episode on spinners. We old people have loads of fun with many items that are fun, from fidget spinners to stand up paddleboards. We rely on the younger generation for their increased intelligence and innovation, sensitivity to climatic changes and new sources of energy, for the younger generations’ heightened sensitivity to the rights of vulnerable citizens, and people of all cultures. Younger generations are each smarter, and more kind than the previous one.

Thanks for your article! I enjoyed it, and I believe that if a product is marketed to people with ADHD or anywhere upon the spectrum of autism disorders, then certainly those are the populations who’s opinions I would value, about the product, for use as intended (and not, say, as ammo by Jörg, on the Slingshot Channel.

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