I was very wary of her from day one, when she said she was in recovery so I shared my own story and…

You’re totally right about giving something to someone. I give at least a dollar to a beggar every day, and many are against that. (They will spend it on drink or drugs, they actually are rich and drive a Mercedes, all that bullshit.)

None of that has anything to do with my intentions. I see someone standing in the street, in the cold, with a sign, “anything will help” or whatever it happens to say. There are at least 5 from here on my way downtown. I smile and wish them good luck, and my part of the donation is over. What they do with it has nothing to do with me. And I gave with a charitable heart, because I live in America, I’m among the richest 10% of the world. I get to eat food every single day, so I’m actually pretty rich.

Once I was riding my motorcycle home from Wyoming, where I visited my daughter as an excuse to go on a motorcycle trip. A woman at a gas station approached me as I filled up (probably cost eight dollars or something). She told me a hard luck story and asked if I could fill up her gas tank. (“I have to get to Colorado. My sister…is dying…is pregnant”…insert story here — I forget). I told her I am also on a fixed income, and did not have “extra” cash of any type, but I guess I could give her five dollars toward the cause. And I would spend five dollars less on me, in my budgeted funds for the trip was what it meant to me, actually. So she pulled up her car and hopped out. I put in five for her, and I started laughing. She asked, what? I said some of my friends always disagree with me because I always give money to strangers, but this time, the beggar really was driving a Mercedes! She laughed too (she was an old woman. I’m 56, she was older than me. I do not guess ages correctly, ever, so I never do it. I just know, someone is older, someone is younger, someone is young enough to be my daughter who’s 30, etc.). She laughed, too, and said a bunch of stuff — but it’s over 10 years old, and it needs a transmission and I can’t afford to keep it up, but it’s all I have! And I said, hey! I told you I could give you five dollars — I’m not arguing with you :-) I just know my friends who criticize me for being a charitable soul have finally gotten me to accede to their demands that I admit some people who ask for money drive a Mercedes. And I wished her good luck, and godspeed on her mission of mercy; I was sorry I couldn’t give her more since that wasn’t enough to get that car to the next town in the middle of the wilderness, but she’d sit and keep asking people until she got a full tank, probably. Five dollars WAS enough to get me to the next town, because I got 50 mpg on that particular bike.

It’s always your intention — that is my belief. And so no one can ever take advantage of that. Your fine quality of Charity, and Kindness remains yours. Regardless of thieves, liars, and miscreants you meet on your path of life.

Keep doing good! You know what that Modest Mouse song says, “That fake Jamaican took every last dime with that scam/it was worth it just to learn some sleight of hand! And later — “Good news is on the way!” (lyrics, Modest Mouse, “Float On”)

Love from a friend who doesn’t know you, yet.

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