Have a Good Weekend Queen

As I finish what turned into a 10 hour work day I began the walk through the lobby leading to the parking deck when a woman caught my eye.

She was 5'7, looked to be in her late thirties, dressed casual, hair pulled back, the complexion of the perfect Starbucks mocha latte.

As our eyes met I smiled briefly and said hello in true southern fashion while continuing on my way. She however in a strong but warm tone replied:

“Have a Good Weekend Queen.”

An unexpected grin crossed my face, I looked back, nodded at her, and said, “You too…You too.”

I maintained the smile all the way to my car and then on my ride home. I couldn’t help but think of how often in the past few months I had been called Queen and to be honest how good it felt. Who knew that one small word repeated genuinely and often enough could have this unexpected positive effect?

Much in the same way small unintentional phrases may stab at our core, positive words can rebuild and uplift each of us.

Let us start to rebuild ourselves and the generation of girls behind us to love and value ourselves with the words we use, the titles we take, and the energy we accept.

So to all of the women out there who need to hear it:

Have a good weekend Queen! Yes YOU ARE ROYALTY!


Shay is an attorney and diversity & inclusion expert. A featured TEDx Salon speaker on the topic of diversity and inclusion, she has engaged with Fortune listed, non-profit, and government agencies to create lasting strategies to attract, train, and retain diverse talent. She is based in Atlanta and loves all things coffee, running, and SEC football!

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