A Suggestion for a New Feedback UI

A UI mechanism that encourages users to give another thought to their feedback is expected to provide sellers with more accurate information.

You all know this. You buy a product or use a service and you are asked to rate your experience. If you are kind enough, you are rating some feedback questions on a scale of one to five. But since a lot of people tend to skip this and sellers / providers crave for some feedback data, many businesses gave up on the 10 or 15 questions and they kindly ask you to quickly rate only three experience-values with 1 to 5 stars. Naturally, some feedback is better than no feedback at all, but can we do better? Can we enrich feedback information without intimidating users? I’d like to claim that a playful UI that is based on semantics has a potential of encouraging more thought and deeper processing, which should help users to refine their answers and send back more accurate information.

A different approach to experience rating

We can still ask the user to place three or four stars according to their judgment, yet with each decision we can manifest it’s wider semantic meaning and evoke second thoughts. This can be achieved by showing that upon selecting one ‘best expression’, other related expressions with close enough meaning are being slightly-selected as well (i.e. the selection of related values is “weaker”). In this way we can both communicate back to the user each selection and its meaning and enrich (or at least sharpen) the feedback data — all without asking too much additional interaction from the user, through a fun and playful user interface. I do believe it will take a bit longer to fill-in; it will engage users and encourage them to revisit their response and think about it for another second (and sometimes fix them). That’s what we wished for —more attention and deeper thought! I brought this concept to life in a little demo that can be found in my blog — please check it out and share your thoughts.

Please follow the link to my blog and check a live demo of this UI model.

This idea was originally published in my blog.

This model is a conceptual idea for a new rating UI that can be both beneficial and cool to interact with. It should be tested, of course, and the semantic network should be elaborated and adjusted to the specific experience that is being rated.