An initiative which is helping people find solace anonymously

‘Neki Kar, Deewar Pe Daal’

In the surge of life, we generally neglect to satisfy our needs as well as needs of those individuals who can’t fulfill their day to day requirements. Furthermore, helping people to get their necessities is one of the most beautiful feelings one can have for internal peace. With accomplishing bliss, an anonymous introduced a “Wall of Kindness” in Iran where anybody can put their clothes or other things which they feel they needn’t bother about. This fantastic thought of philanthropy globalized quickly to China, Pakistan and now in urban communities of India. Following this global trend, not just the people of Bhopal but the government has also taken the initiative to help those who need our support.

A few days prior, this special activity took the form of “Annandam Yojna” of Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh

Chauhan and under the same happiness project “Wall of Happiness” was introduced at Manas Bhawan with the motto of “Leave if you do not need, take what you need.” Since the day this unique wall appealed to masses and many people participated in this extraordinary charity and left their things which they don’t need any more such as, clothes, groceries etc. Before Manas Bhawan, a “Wall of Happiness” effectively worked at a locality of Kolar.

Such similar walls are known as “Neki ki Deewar” which have sprung up in various cities crosswise over India, like Allahabad, Bhilwara, Jhalawar, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Korba, etc. This sharing work of philanthropy left lovely effect over the residents and keeping in mind that conversing with some donators we found that people feel inner peace after becoming the part of this beautiful initiative.