5 tips that will enhance your window display to grab your customer’s attention

Think of window displays as the opportunity to make a good first impression. Especially if the type of customer you want to attract isn’t familiar with your brand. The goal of the window display is to arouse the consumer’s curiosity in such a way that they are compelled to enter your store and explore. Instead of putting random pieces of merchandise in the window and hoping for the best, use these 5 simple tips to get your customer to notice your window.

  1. Lighting. Good lighting is key. Spotlights are the best way to highlight your product. It’s most effective to light across the display in a crisscross manner rather than directly down on it. Use colored light to create a mood or setting.
  2. Sometimes less is more. Overcrowding a window with too much merchandise is one of the most common mistakes made in a less than desirable display. Choose a few key pieces that you would like to highlight. Stick to the odd number rule when grouping together. Depending on the window size, three to five items is generally as much as you will want to feature.
  3. Use a theme. A theme helps to unify what you decide to feature so your window make sense. A theme can be a holiday or a season. A theme can be a color or an event. Whatever you chose, keep it consistent.
  4. Props. Don’t be afraid to use props in order to draw attention to your window. These props can go along with your theme (ex. colorful leaves, pumpkins, and branches for a Fall theme).
  5. Keep it fresh. Your customer is always looking for what’s new. Your window display should reflect that. Change your windows monthly to retain your customer’s interest.