5 things the media does to manufacture outrage.
Parker Molloy

Nice Article!

I was just thinking how Faux News / Journalists (as well as the GOP) should take responsibility for the Planned Parenthood ‘Baby Parts’ narrative that they’ve perpetuated, which seems to be part of the motive for this most recent Colorado Shooting… “In one statement, made after the suspect was taken in for questioning, Dear said “no more baby parts” in reference to Planned Parenthood, according to two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case.”

I think about this, this lie that was fully fueled by the Fox News & most Republicans in the GOP to defund Planned Parenthood, and it’s pretty clear what kind of death ad damage it can do….

Obviously no major news corp or senetor will ever take responsibility for the negative repercussions which they’ve caused, so, it’s up to a new Independent Digital Journalism to do the job that they clearly cannot do.

Keep up the great work!

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