A simple design

I stumbled on this site…


Actually, I was researching how to minimize my wardrobe and still look stylish and not like I am wearing uniform.

Because, right now, in my mind, I am all about 5 white shirts for work, a gray pair of pants, shirt and sheath for work with a pair of flats with pop of color like green of course and neutral heel to wear when I have to look like I have lived for 4 decades.

I think this may become my life sooner than later especially with me preparing to take the bike challenge. I am over all the clothes and shoes that I never wear and I am clearly in a fashion transition. I have not quiet graduated to Eileen Fisher, but I am growing tired of J. Crew…

Stay tuned… I have felt this way once before — right before i began my path towards the slow food movement. And, even now several years later, my poor mother has a hard time with my refrigerator looking so bare! I ensure here night after night when I make dinner and feed us all that there’s food in the frig, just not any thing extra!

I am having that next level transition when I begin to reduce, refine and resource (out) the extra ish that i don’t need and don’t use, but that are pretty nice and someone else would enjoy so much more! For me, I merely want to have the basics, but love them so dearly.

My vision is so clear:

For casual, weekend clothes, I am thinking sail boat ready — NO! I don’t have a sail boat (yet) but I feel like that is where my style is heading in that direction — simple simple simple!

I want a pair of slid on slippers similar to vans that are fun (I saw a pair over the weekend that had sail boats on them!!!!! Yes! all me). 4 pair of bottoms (1 pair of jeans, one pair of bone color khakis, one casual skirt and one pair of slacks) and 8 simple jersey cotton tee shirts from alternative apparel or some place similar

and a couple of blazer (for fall) and I always have scarves!

Wow! How exciting to express this idea outside of my head. I am certain that I just challenged myself to do more than want change. So, here I go…

Off I go down the road that leads to less again…. see you when I arrive.



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